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A Psychological Approach to Fitness 

Helping You Overcome the Mental and Emotional Roadblocks in Your Fitness Journey 

Exercise is the easy part...
MentalFit addresses the most challenging
parts of physical fitness

Mental obstacles like negative self-talk

Emotional obstacles like feeling hopeless or discouraged

Difficulty staying motivated

Struggling to create new patterns of behavior

Does this sound like YOU? 

More than just
Personal Training

MentalFit brings a therapy-informed approach to fitness. In addition to work in the gym, MentalFit will help you develop the skills you need to overcome the mental and emotional roadblocks in your fitness journey.  

In addition to being a Certified Personal Trainer, MentalFit creator and owner, Nick Tangeman is a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor, and expert in the field of addiction treatment. The transferable skills Nick brings to personal training includes his 15+ years of experience helping people  

  • believe in themselves,  

  • develop and maintain motivation,

  • create a positive mindset, 

  • identify and overcome mental obstacles, 

  • develop lasting strategies for lifestyle change, and 

  • create new patterns of cognition and behavior.  


Meet Your Coach
Nick Tangeman

Licensed Clinician

Certified Personal Trainer

Certified Nutrition Coach

Weight Loss Specialist

The MentalFit Philosophy

"Physical Fitness, Mental Wellness"

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(enter the code "Therapy" at checkout) 

Our fitness journey will start with a no obligation consultation and evaluation to assess our starting point, identify where we want to go, and to plot our course. We will meet (in-person or virtually) to review your exercise history, conduct a health risk assessment, set goals and conduct a mobility / postural assessment. 

Intense Training

Individual Personal Training Session

$70 / session

In this 60 minute session, as your personal trainer I will provide instruction and guide you through your workout, ensuring proper form. 

Personal Trainer

Coaching Session


(Free with Pre-paid Package) 


We all experience setbacks, challenges and plateaus when making big lifestyle changes. That might mean feeling discouraged, a lack of motivation, or a difficult relationship with food. These 1-on-1 coaching sessions are meant to address those challenges head-on, strategize solutions, and develop the skills necessary to overcome the obstacles and get you back on the right track. Use these sessions if you're having difficulty, simply want to check-in, or just want to brag about your success. 

Training & Coaching Packages

Save money when you purchase a Personal Training and Coaching Package


$390  ($445 Value)

1 Evaluation

6 Personal Training Sessions   1 Coaching Session.


$690  ($915 Value)

1 Evaluation

12 Personal Training Sessions  3 Coaching Session.

Book an Appointment

Click Book Now to go to my calendar where you will be able to purchase packages or individual sessions and schedule your visit 

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Online Workout Subscription

$29.99 / month

​With your online subscription, you will receive

​- Access to the MentalFit App

- Free Virtual Evaluation 

- An Individualized Workout Plan (accessible through the app)

- In-app Chat Feature to Communicate w/ Nick

- 1 Free Online Coaching Sessions w/ Nick Per Month

- Discounts on Individual Personal Training and Personal Training Packages

(to be used virtually or in-person)


Training Location: Anytime Fitness, 7537 S Rainbow Blvd, #109

Las Vegas, NV 89139


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